A bi-racial, transgender teenage girl and her estranged British father struggle to reconnect while hiking the Swiss Alps, but a catastrophic accident turns their already rocky bonding trip into a fight for survival.

JESSE (16) is unpleasantly surprised to see her estranged British born father MARCUS (45) crash a somber vigil of friends and family gathered to remember her mother who died a year ago. But she is not surprised when Marcus calls her Keith, Jesse’s ‘dead name’. Jesse is transgender, a reality Marcus struggles with. Jesse would have never invited her father to Switzerland. It was her maternal Grandmother Anna’s grandiose idea.

Jesse and Marcus’ personalities clash as soon as they see each other. Jesse blames him for breaking up the family. And Marcus is disappointed, angry and confused that his only son identifies as a girl. So, when Anna suggests the two go on a bonding trip together, Marcus hatches a plan for a guided glacier tour in the Swiss Alps.

But the hike from Switzerland to the Gorner Glacier near Zermatt turns out to be more challenging than either of them ever expected. After an explosive argument Jesse pushes Marcus who falls and severely injures himself. At that moment Jesse has no choice but to push her own limits to save her father. But with an intense storm brewing and help too far away, both father and daughter have to put their differences away and rely on each other in order to survive. The only question remains if their familial love is strong enough to get them off the mountain