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Cars That Made Amercia

You know their names -- Ford, Chrysler, Dodge -- but do you know the stories behind the visionaries who built America's automobile industry? This three-part special chronicles the journeys taken by the likes of Henry Ford, Walter Chrysler and the Dodge brothers as they worked their way up to the top

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Returning The Favor

2020 Emmy Award Winning TV Host Mike Rowe finds people who are doing something decent in their community, and does something decent for them.

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01 Intersex
Juliane Löffler speaks with the intersex community in Germany about their new legal recognition and a possible ban on gender surgeries for children.

02 Whoresday
John Stanton explores how legislation created to protect sex trafficking survivors has impacted the safety of another vulnerable group – sex workers.

03 Sexbot
Scaachi Koul explores the pros and
cons of the release of the very first sex robot.

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01 The Evaporated People
In Japan, secretive companies known as “night movers” offers people an escape from shame. Explorer correspondent Bryan Christy travels to Japan to investigate.

02 Hiding In Plain Sight
There's even a rumor that a bacha posh daughter will lead to a son in the next pregnancy. “This tradition allows the family to avoid the social stigma associated with not having any male children.

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The Horn

Follow the perilous work of Air Zermatt ,, an alpine search and rescue team that operates on the peaks of Switzerland’s Matterhorn mountain.

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Dead End Express

From the dense woodlands of Montana's Flathead National Forest, to the isolated heart of Idaho's Hells Canyon, to the frozen wastelands of Alaska's high tundra, the adventurers profiled in this docu-reality series live their lives on the edge -- sometimes literally -- transporting essential supplies…

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Pacific Warriors

Adjacent to pristine waters off Hawaii are steep underwater cliffs, resulting in some of the world's best deep-sea fishing. For years locals thrived here using nothing more than small, handmade canoes, fishing poles and their hands to catch monster fish. Reinventing this ancient art is a new breed of men and women who risk their lives aboard sea kayaks to land lucrative, 100-plus pound species like marlin and tuna. "Pacific Warriors" follows brave adventurers who bring their own techniques to the craft as they take on rough waters, bloodthirsty predators and one another to reel in their trophies.